Some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.

Click on the individual features below for a thumbnail sketch of some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.


  • PRN Plus® compiles claims for Medicare (RAPs, Final Claims, LUPAs) and for all non-Medicare payers (Commercial Payers and Patient Self-Pay) with the same minimal effort.
  • PRN Plus® is 100% HIPAA compliant. Also, bill for Medicare as a secondary payer (MSP) easily.
  • Many edits prevent billing errors before the claim is sent. It is the easiest and most accurate billing software available at any price.
  • Any compiled claim using a CMS 1450 (UB-04) or CMS 1500 can be printed on pre-printed forms (pink) or on plain paper. Claims printed on plain paper are printed as a perfect black and white replica of the pre-printed (pink) forms. Self Pay claims are printed on a proprietary Invoice form, ready for mailing.
  • Of course, there is also electronic billing, but not only for Medicare. In addition to Medicare, PRN Plus® can electronically bill over 1000 other commercial and government payers.
  • Billing Reports are automatically created when claims are compiled and sent. These reports will keep you abreast of current and historical billing activity including dates, Patients, Payers, and amounts. You will never have to guess as to what claims have been compiled, when they were compiled, and whether they were mailed or sent electronically.

You will find that the Billing system is very easy to use. From the very first time you run the PRN Plus® Demo to everyday activity on the live system, it is easy and fast. It is absolutely state-of-the-art.