Some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.

Click on the individual features below for a thumbnail sketch of some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.


  • The Plan of Care module is where you enter Orders, Disciplines and Treatments for a Plan of Care for one or more payers, maintain Patients Medication History, and other data for the 485. It is also where each Patient's Episode or Certification Period is maintained for one or more payers simultaneously. Once a Plan of Care is prepared, the Scheduler can read that Plan of Care and automatically schedule visits accordingly by patient and payer. For more information on this feature, click on the 'Scheduler' section under 'General Information'.
  • Security. With PRN Plus® there is zero chance to lose patient records, even if this remote device is ever lost or stolen. Penalty for such a loss is $250,000 per patient record. Certainly worth thinking twice about your remote computer security.
  • PRN Plus® prints perfect 485/486/487's. The printed 485, 486 and 487 forms are exact copies of the pre-printed forms and are ready for submission to the patient's physician for review and signature.
  • PRN Plus® tracks outstanding 485's until they are signed and returned.