Some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.

Click on the individual features below for a thumbnail sketch of some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.


The PPS grouper is a great, time saving tool.

  • This tool verifies 100% compliance with all areas between OASIS and Medicare claims.
  • Some of the functions include the 'hands free' calculation of the Case Mix Classification, the amount you will receive for an episode, and the HIPPS Code that is used in RAP's, LUPA's and/or Final Claims, and the 18-character OASIS matching code. This and other information is calculated instantaneously and is displayed for your review and, of course, can be printed. If an error is detected, it is graphically displayed and a correction can easily be made.
  • The built-in calculator in the PPS Grouper is available to project net profit (loss) for the episode being examined.

As with all features, the PPS Grouper can be extensively tested in the PRN Plus® Demo.