Some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.

Click on the individual features below for a thumbnail sketch of some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.


  • The system comes with over 250 management and statistical reports and the number of reports is constantly growing as clients order new reports. New system reports are designed and added to PRN Plus® at no charge. The best way to see the variety and content of the reports is to browse through them in the PRN Plus® Demo. In the PRN Plus® Demo you can prepare, view, and print as many reports as you would like.


  • Except for Agencies with a census below 60 patients, Agencies must select a CMS-approved vendor and had to begin submitting monthly HHCAHPS reports in the fall of 2010 in order to secure its 2% Medicare inflation update in 2012 and after. However, to prepare that report you either have to devote an enormous amount of time or have a reporting system to prepare the HHCAHPS report. PRN Plus® has such a reporting tool.