Some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.

Click on the individual features below for a thumbnail sketch of some of the features you will find in PRN Plus®.


The scheduler is state-of-the-art.

  • The Scheduler can read the Plan of Care in PRN Plus and automatically schedule according to payer and patient, visit frequency/period/duration.
  • It will keep track of how many hours an employee is scheduled in a week, two weeks and for the month to avoid unintended overtime, but overtime can be permitted.
  • It allows scheduling by the language a patient speaks and by the specific geographical location of a patient's home. It can do both, either or neither (you can turn any of these filters on or off - it is totally user directed).
  • The Scheduler also allows you to set and maintain an On-Call Schedule.
  • The scheduling reports are numerous and can be for any time period such as day, week, or month. All reports can be emailed. Reports include a monthly calendar for any patient or provider, summary and detailed reports for provider schedules for the office and staff, and individual patient schedule printouts that are suitable to be given to the patient. Also reminder reports for next OASIS Assessment, Overtime, and On Call.

All Scheduler features can be tested in the PRN Plus® Demo.